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bi_norwich's Journal

Norwich Bisexual Social Group (UK)
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This is a meeting place and starting point for a bisexual community in Norwich and the surrounding area. Anyone who identifies as bisexual is welcome to join. Plenty of other labels may describe us all, but if there's a bit of 'bi' in you, then come and join us for a drink or other social event. The aim of the group is simply to meet people, make friends and do a little dance. Be nice. Be considerate to others in this community please. Offensive posts will be deleted after being throughly mocked.

The general idea is to meet once a month, the first Thursday, at various pubs around Norwich and see how we get on from there. But this is your community so please suggest other activities - picnics, trips to the beaches, theatre, gigs...oh yes club nights! Bi Norwich will be what you make it - so go ahead and contribute.

Topics for posts will certainly cover events and meetings but if there's anything that is great, or bugs you, about Norwich (and East Anglia) LGBT scene and venues (no bitching, sweeties.) Also we're here to make friends! So a little wave when you join and a few words about yourself please. Then we can chat amongst ourselves and see what happens....